Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010

Okamisan and Seven Companions 12

Completing her newspaper run, Machiko Himura spies Ryoshi emerging from his expensive-looking house, walking his expensive-looking dogs and determines to marry him in order to escape her grinding poverty. After a series of contrived attempts in school, she asks the Otogi Bank to loan him to her for a date. Ryoko and Ringo duly trail them but Ryoshi manages to evade her Aaah feeding and Rock the Boat attacks. But Machiko abruptly ends the date, sending Ryoshi away.
She is confronted by gangsters who tell her that her father took the money she earned for this month’s debt payment and now she must assume responsibility for it. Before they can take her away to a horrible fate, Ryoshi intervenes and they manage to flee. But after resting in a park long enough for Machiko to relate the details of her life, for Ryoshi to call on Otogi Bank for her file and for the gangsters to catch up in greater numbers, Ryoko also joins the battle. And their combi truly triggers Machiko’s flag for Ryoshi. Later Liszt has arranged for Machiko’s debt to be settled and for her to move into a boarding home. At the Thank You party, Machiko’s attempt to confess is pre-empted by Ryoshi telling her that he is cool entirely due to Ryoko. And Machiko confronts Ryoko, wanting to know her true feelings, and decides to give up on Ryoshi. Everyone enjoys fireworks together.