Dienstag, 2. November 2010

Amagami 17

Oh man, it’s not fair starting the arc this way. I am such a sucker for one-sided crushes. ORZ

In any case, Rihoko is still a very airheaded clumsy dojikko who’s balanced by her sheer enthusiasm for food and innocent outlook on life that makes her very calming to look at. Thankfully, she has a great friend helping her out as well.

Man, there’s so many awesome girl friends in this show. Too bad we won’t be getting extra arcs for them. :P
Still, in any case. Rihoko is a very, VERY healthy young woman.

Actually, I don’t really have much else to say about her except for that. Well, this episode wasn’t particularly boring after all, but really, Rihoko isn’t turning on many of my buttons yet. Especially if the only jokes they keep on pulling with her is about how fat she is and how she never succeeds at a diet. 

Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010

Okamisan and Seven Companions 12

Completing her newspaper run, Machiko Himura spies Ryoshi emerging from his expensive-looking house, walking his expensive-looking dogs and determines to marry him in order to escape her grinding poverty. After a series of contrived attempts in school, she asks the Otogi Bank to loan him to her for a date. Ryoko and Ringo duly trail them but Ryoshi manages to evade her Aaah feeding and Rock the Boat attacks. But Machiko abruptly ends the date, sending Ryoshi away.
She is confronted by gangsters who tell her that her father took the money she earned for this month’s debt payment and now she must assume responsibility for it. Before they can take her away to a horrible fate, Ryoshi intervenes and they manage to flee. But after resting in a park long enough for Machiko to relate the details of her life, for Ryoshi to call on Otogi Bank for her file and for the gangsters to catch up in greater numbers, Ryoko also joins the battle. And their combi truly triggers Machiko’s flag for Ryoshi. Later Liszt has arranged for Machiko’s debt to be settled and for her to move into a boarding home. At the Thank You party, Machiko’s attempt to confess is pre-empted by Ryoshi telling her that he is cool entirely due to Ryoko. And Machiko confronts Ryoko, wanting to know her true feelings, and decides to give up on Ryoshi. Everyone enjoys fireworks together.

Sonntag, 26. September 2010

Miya arc confirmed!

The official website for the Amagami SS romance anime series has confirmed on Friday that the anime’s 13th Blu-ray Disc/DVD volume will contain the story arcs for the Risa Kamizaki and Miya Tachibana characters from Enterbrain’s original Amagami game.

Freitag, 17. September 2010

Mitsudomoe ep 11

Took a break from Recettear to watch Mitsudomoe 11. I lol'd when I found out Kikuko-nee’s guest appearance in the show.

Oh yeah, I would dominate her any moment.

Meanwhile, Mitsuba exposes her true feelings about Sugisaki….

Expecting the yuri doujins by the boatload this Comiket!

Freitag, 10. September 2010

K-ON!! ep 21

It’s another big-toothed morning for our simple-minded Yui, and like all mornings for our young high school girls, they are spent getting their hair-did… for six hours. “Oh-NAAAYYY-chan!! You’re gonna be late for schooooooool!!” shouted Ui who would also like her hair-did, but her low salary (background-character) would not allow it. At school, the senior K-ONERS contemplate on hairstyles for their senior photos. Being the girly-girls that they are, they prepare for the big day with a pink Pony Camera. It’ll die right after the warranty ends.

“Aren’t my bangs too big?”, thought Ricky Martin Yui, and though the K-ONERS warned her otherwise, she cut her hair with a pair of shoes scissors. As she prepared for the final cut, she sneezed (and cut) a large portion of her bang. “DAYUM GURL U IS UGH-GLAY!!!”, thought the K-ONERS in their mind, but in real life they comforted Yui, saying sweet-nothings in her ear and feeding sweet-somethings in her stomach. Long story short, the senior photos turn out spinning splendid. The End.


You’d think an episode dedicated to girls’ getting their hair-did and being girly-girlies would be terrible, right? WRONG! This episode was The Amazingment! Enter-the-Tainment!! Excel-the-Lante’!! Absolute Stank Beaver, and part of that is through the use of silence (e.g. Yui fixing her hair, Yui’s blank stare, etc.). Like any Jap Studio, it’s only natural to take the laziest, most cost-efficient route, but KyoAni continue to animate through simplicity and style.

Being an avid K-ONER, I was shocked by Yui’s self-consciousness. Heck, I thought she’d be the type to scratch her ass in public and sniff/lick her fingers to test out the funk, but that would be Mugi’s fetish, not Yui’s. I guess Yui can be quite girly when she puts her mind to it.

No nitpicks this time, but I would like to point out what appears to be the pre-evolution of Red-Glasses-Girl: No-Glasses-Girl. This is just like starter Pokemon (or babies for that matter): Cute at the beginning, Fugly at the end. Life is like wearing a different pair of scissors glasses everyday…

Donnerstag, 9. September 2010

Mitsudomoe ep 10

Sluts always start young don’t they?

See. They really start young.

Nympho jokes aside, Mitsudomoe just keeps getting better and better by the episode, in part thanks to the numerous times Mitsuba becomes the butt of the jokes. Usually caused by herself too. Heck, I don’t even remember seeing Yabecchi in the show much anymore. Glad they’ve moved from the unsettling “kids using sexual innuendos on the adults” setting to the “kids doing stupid things to each other, usually with some sexual innuendo thrown in”. Makes a world of difference for me.

I’m actually pretty glad now this show is getting a second season, the triplets are really entertaining.

Dienstag, 7. September 2010

Winners and Losers #1

Durarara!! Episode 2: my recommendation!

This is my first episode of Anime winners and losers! Sometimes my opinion is really offset but you can always take a little hint if you don't know what to watch next. Here we go!

  • Durarara!!: very mature anime which has a lot of similarities with Baccano! (well, same authors). Mystery action and philosophy are spread throughout the episodes and give it a nice touch.
  • Katanagatari: extremely addictive character design in an action and adventure anime.

  •  SoRaNoWoTo: even though this anime adopted the character design of yui from K-ON! they couldn't manage to fit their behavior correctly. I can't even tell if this genre is a slice of life or rather bad comedy.
  • Qwaser of Stigmata: totally brain damaged fanservice anime! The story makes absolutely no sense. Groups of people with special abilities smack the shit out of each other and only have their power if they drink breast milk (!!) which sounds funny but really isn't.

Montag, 6. September 2010


As almost expected KyoAni delivers a new season of their successful K-ON! anime, now called K-ON!!. In the first half of the first episode nothing special happens. Every member of the club (except for Azunyan) are in their last class and happen to be in the same class again. In the second half they are trying to recruit new members for the club but at the end they decide to stay with the old 5.

Actually you can't tell much about the new K-season because besides the new name there is virtually no difference to what we have seen so far. That means it is just so casual and unconcerned as usual and the main characters just keep doing their non-sense. The new Ending and Opening are by far not as good as in the old season but you can always skip those if you don't like them.

Samstag, 4. September 2010

Holiday Feelings

Actually I wanted to update my fresh blog daily but I surprisingly went to the sea almost the same day. I am currently writing this post using my phone as a umts-modem (which isn't very cheap I guess). I'm spending my holidays in Germany's biggest see, Lake Constance, also called Bodensee.

stay tuned for more very soon. pic not related.

Mittwoch, 1. September 2010

Black Rock Shooter

Whatever began with a Vocaloid-Song evolved to one of the biggest Anime hypes of the last few years. Who couldn't enjoy the action filled black rock shooter trailer which was released a few months ago?

Finally the full OVA is released with a DVD as a free addition to some magazines sold in Japan. The subtitles added are in 5 languages, including German and English. Basically they want to make money by merchandising, just like Lucas did with Star Wars.

But is the final OVA really as good as the trailer? No. And that's very sad. Black Rock Shooter is a nice slice of life anime with a parallel plot in an alternate worldv but the main story kind of got lost in it. If it wasn't for the hype you'd probably forget it very quickly after watching.

I'm not trying to say that it is bad, but it isn't far as good as expected. Let's just call it a victim of it's own hype. ;)


Start of Amalias Anime and Computer Blog. Please stay tuned. :)