Freitag, 10. September 2010

K-ON!! ep 21

It’s another big-toothed morning for our simple-minded Yui, and like all mornings for our young high school girls, they are spent getting their hair-did… for six hours. “Oh-NAAAYYY-chan!! You’re gonna be late for schooooooool!!” shouted Ui who would also like her hair-did, but her low salary (background-character) would not allow it. At school, the senior K-ONERS contemplate on hairstyles for their senior photos. Being the girly-girls that they are, they prepare for the big day with a pink Pony Camera. It’ll die right after the warranty ends.

“Aren’t my bangs too big?”, thought Ricky Martin Yui, and though the K-ONERS warned her otherwise, she cut her hair with a pair of shoes scissors. As she prepared for the final cut, she sneezed (and cut) a large portion of her bang. “DAYUM GURL U IS UGH-GLAY!!!”, thought the K-ONERS in their mind, but in real life they comforted Yui, saying sweet-nothings in her ear and feeding sweet-somethings in her stomach. Long story short, the senior photos turn out spinning splendid. The End.


You’d think an episode dedicated to girls’ getting their hair-did and being girly-girlies would be terrible, right? WRONG! This episode was The Amazingment! Enter-the-Tainment!! Excel-the-Lante’!! Absolute Stank Beaver, and part of that is through the use of silence (e.g. Yui fixing her hair, Yui’s blank stare, etc.). Like any Jap Studio, it’s only natural to take the laziest, most cost-efficient route, but KyoAni continue to animate through simplicity and style.

Being an avid K-ONER, I was shocked by Yui’s self-consciousness. Heck, I thought she’d be the type to scratch her ass in public and sniff/lick her fingers to test out the funk, but that would be Mugi’s fetish, not Yui’s. I guess Yui can be quite girly when she puts her mind to it.

No nitpicks this time, but I would like to point out what appears to be the pre-evolution of Red-Glasses-Girl: No-Glasses-Girl. This is just like starter Pokemon (or babies for that matter): Cute at the beginning, Fugly at the end. Life is like wearing a different pair of scissors glasses everyday…


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