Dienstag, 7. September 2010

Winners and Losers #1

Durarara!! Episode 2: my recommendation!

This is my first episode of Anime winners and losers! Sometimes my opinion is really offset but you can always take a little hint if you don't know what to watch next. Here we go!

  • Durarara!!: very mature anime which has a lot of similarities with Baccano! (well, same authors). Mystery action and philosophy are spread throughout the episodes and give it a nice touch.
  • Katanagatari: extremely addictive character design in an action and adventure anime.

  •  SoRaNoWoTo: even though this anime adopted the character design of yui from K-ON! they couldn't manage to fit their behavior correctly. I can't even tell if this genre is a slice of life or rather bad comedy.
  • Qwaser of Stigmata: totally brain damaged fanservice anime! The story makes absolutely no sense. Groups of people with special abilities smack the shit out of each other and only have their power if they drink breast milk (!!) which sounds funny but really isn't.